Transmission System

Continuously Variable Planetary Technology

Not just a transmission, a replacement for gears

Napino is developing a new age Continuous Variable ball Planetary (also referred to as CVP or NuVinci CVP) transmission system for 2W applications along with its license partner Fallbrook Technologies Inc.

The NuVinci continuously variable planetary (CVP) device, developed and licensed by Fallbrook Technologies, is a variable ratio traction device. A bank of balls (planets) is placed in a circular array around a central sun and in contact with separate input and output discs (or traction rings).

CVT Transmission
  • Impractical to design Electronic shifting under load (higher shifting forces)
  • Less durable (Rubber belt reduces durability)
  • Less compact (Driver-Driven Pulleys on parallel shafts)
  • Rigid power path
CVP (NuVinci Technology) Transmission
  • High-speed Electronic shifting under load (less shifting forces)
  • More durable (All hard steel construction)
  • Highly compact (High torque & Power density because of all steel construction)
  • Flexible multiple power paths
  • Input and output on same axis (more compact, can be mounted on driving wheel hub)