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Innovation at a Glance


Innovation at a Glance

Innovation is one of the core strengths of Napino. A team of 150+ engineers at our state-of-the-art R&D center is working on various technologies to offer cost-competitive products to our customers. We constantly challenge ourselves to meet our customer’s expectations and bring new technology to the industry. The ever-changing dynamics of the eco-system have inspired us to  introduce products of the new age industry like E vehicle, IoT, and energy-efficient transmission. We encourage everyone in our organization to brainstorm & bring on new ideas.

New Age Products

Smart Battery Management Systems
  • Developed keeping ISO26262 product lifecycle guidelines in mind.
  • Supports Unified Diagnostics Service (UDS) over CAN bus.
  • Supports all Lithium battery chemistries (NMC, LFP, LTO, etc.).
  • Fully Customizable in terms of hardware as well as software.
  • Up to 100A continuous (customizable) & 180A peak (customizable).
  • Easy to integrate due to compact form factor.
  • Automotive grade and AEC qualified components used.
  • Detailed reporting of the performance of the batteries.
  •  Real time tracking of the pack status and its operating conditions.
Blind Spot Detector: 2 Wheeler
  • Increase safety during lane changes.
  • Alert of driver to the presence of relevant objects.
  • Optical (e.g. in the side mirrors) and/or haptic warning.
  • No inattention by long turn of the head to see the vehicles in the blind spot.
In-Wheel Hub Motor
  • Permanent Magnet Brushless DC In-Wheel Hub Motor
  • Directly Mounted on Wheel
  • Easy to install & replace
  • Weight: Approx. 8Kg (Without 10” Wheel)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10oC to +80oC
Quick Shifter (hall sensor)​
  • Compact Aluminum casing​
  • Precise output signal​
  • Programmable curve​
  • Up and Down gear shifting​
  • Sensor IP 67 protection​
  • 1 Multilinear signal​
  • Customized Harness and sealed connector​
  • Light weight​
  • Smallest size sensor element in the market with best performance with custom produced element
  • Low-cost design and assembly due to standard commodity components
  • High speed switching resulting in higher fuel efficiencies
  • Emissions reduction (CO, NOx, HC), tested and meets BS-VI
  • Reduction in size of the catalytic converter possible
  • Detection and control of engine misfire
  • 360o engine mounting flexibility
  • Scalable for use with all sizes of combustion Engines
  • One component change for various applications and engine sizes
Illuminated Handle Bar Switch​ (Low amps)
  • Ergonomically Designed​
  • Durable Life​
  • Ingress Protection - 65​​
  • Vibration Level – 20G
  • Low Current Switch​​
  • Mechanical Contact​
RBW Hall Sensor Throttle- Integrated Switch Module
  • Robust design
  • ​Precise output signal.
  • Busting speed by changing throttle mode.
  • ​Programmable output signal.
  • Compact housing design.
  • ​Customized harness and sealed connector.
  • ​Light weight (plastics housing and parts).
  • ​Reverse function (-10o)
  • Throttle Life durability: 5 lakh cycle
  • ​EMI & EMC with ESD protected
Motor Controller
  • ​Compatible with 650W, 850W, 1000W, 1200W and 1500W motors.
  • ​Over temperature protection.
  • Power limit when over temperature is sensed.
  • Programmable current limit, torque control and speed control.
  • ​Intelligence with a powerful micro controller.
  • Synchronous rectification, ultra-low drop, fast PWM to achieve.
  • EMI/EMC Compliance.
  • ​Configurable 60o or 120o HALL position sensor.
  •  Supports any number of poles.
  • Three modes of protection: brake switch, release throttle, 0-5V signal protections.

Advance Labs & Equipment

Photometric Lab
  • The Photometric Instrument is valuable for the imaging measurement of luminance and color distributions.
  • This Photometric Instrument ensures a high-quality adaptation to the CIE color sensitivity functions of the 2o standard observer (CIE 1931). Photometric Instrument is robust in construction, lightweight and has compact dimensions.
  • This means that it can be used in almost every process for many different light and color measurement tasks.
  • This Photometric Instrument is able to meet many requirements and combines a wide range of measuring devices in a single system.
Cold Chamber

Temperature range:  30oC to -30oC

Type of tests conducted  
  • Cold condition emissions testing
  • Cold condition vehicle startability test
  • Vehicle component testing
  • ISG - Cold crank testing
  • Constant temperature vehicle startability test
  • Constant temperature vehicle emissions test

Napino has following EMI / EMC Test facility:

  • Radiated Immunity as per ISO 11452-3 (GTEM Method): for EMC compatibility product design
    •  Test Frequency from 100 KHz~ 3 GHz
    •   Voltage Immunity level up to 100V/m
    •   Modulation: CW, AM & PM
  • Electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy (BCI): as per ISO 11452-4
    • Test Frequency from 1MHz ~2.1 GHz
    •  Current Immunity Level up to 100 mA.
    •  Modulation: CW, AM & PM
    •  Method: Open Loop & Close loop 
  • Current Immunity Level up to 100 mA.
    • Frequency 9 KHz~3GHz
    • Conducted Emission as per CISPR 25 
  •  Voltage Transient Tester
    • Automotive International Standard Pulse like ISO 7637-2, JASO
    • Automotive Manufacturer Specific Pulses
    • Military Standard Pulses
    • Telecom Standard Pulses
    • Free style Pulses
Chassis Dynamometer

Type : AVL roadsim 25" Inline cycle

Max Power: 55KW

Max Speed: 300km/h

Inertia range: 80 to 450 kg

Type of tests conducted on Electric & SI Bike
  •     Acceleration test
  •     Max power test
  •     Max torque test
  •     Max speed test
  •     OCC test
  •     Resistance test
  •     Short circuit test
  •     Vehicle Constant speed test
  •     Road load simulation test
  •     Vehicle test on different type of cycle
  •     Vehicle emissions test on road load conditions
  •     Vehicle Forward and backward condition test

What Our Customers Say

Purchase Team, Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Limited

“Napino is overall a good and capable supplier of Suzuki Motor Cycles India and the Quality Cost Dispatch & Delivery (QCDD) related services are particularly appreciable. Napino also brings strength in development related activities and has a bright future ahead in Original Design & Manufacturing (ODM) services.​”

Bhupender Saharan, CEO & Founder | VVDN Technologies

“VVDN supports multiple customers across the globe in their journey of Digital Transformation by offering IoT products and solutions. Napino being one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the country with world-class capabilities always gives us comfort for a shorter lead time, international quality and competitive price. Napino’s agile processes help us deliver projects on time.​”

Nitin Jain, R&D Mechatronics | Hero Lectro

We appreciate the timely efforts of Napino team in supporting the localization of our EV components not only from a cost perspective but also in terms of delivery of the products within the stringent timeline. The product designs are innovative, optimum, and meet our requirements. The Team is agile and works in tandem with us to enable achieve our objectives.

Vikrant Verma, Commodity Manager | JTEKT India Limited

It has been a very pleasant & wonderful Customer-Supplier relationship with Napino. The holistic support extended in terms of design, development, project execution & manufacturing services provided has been on par with contemporary market expectations. With full support of management and team we have been able to sail through the projects ensuring 100% Q & D to customer.