Engine Management System


Electric Fuel Injection (EFI) technology benefits:

  • Precisely Controlled Fuel Injection
  • Fewer emissions (BS-VI Compliant)
  • Better vehicle performance
  • Better Cold Weather Drivability
  • Better fuel economy
  • Smoother Idle
  • On Board Diagnostics

Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) features:

  • Designed to operate in battery less condition.
  • Standard grade ferrite magnets are used.
  • Low Shunting Current at Higher RPM.
  • 50 % less I2R losses during shunting.
  • Battery Charging starts at lower RPM.
  • Low starting current, Hence more number of start per charge.
  • Unidirectional rotation for cranking engine.
  • Aluminium metal PCB for better heat dissipation.

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